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Friday, February 20, 2009

N52°02.280’; E4°19.360’; Elevation 9m

What is this?

This is my current exact location.

N52°02.280’; E4°19.360’; Elevation 9m.

Where is this?

In my room in The Grand Winston Hotel, sitting at the table on the Internet.

How do I know this?

Garmin Nüvi 765T navigation system (basically my new toy, a GPS device)

And I now have a Burgerservicenummer or Burger Service Number. Hmm, I wonder if I get further discounts on all the veggie burgers I have been eating.

Anyway, a burgersercenummer or BSN or the citizen service number is a personal number that replaces the Social Security number by November 26, 2007.

It is basically a number to be used for banking accounts, loans, buying cars, getting a driving licence etc.

I am in The Netherlands for 3 months or so, but need all of this. I had to register in The Hague town hall, I had to register with the immigration department etc etc.

I am now as good as a permanent resident of The Netherlands ... hmmm, maybe I should work from here instead (then I will not have to deal with HR morons at home).

Take care and be well.

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