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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Great TM

I really generally hate dealing with call centers especially one from a monopolistic GLC like TM.

I think that they are too scripted and never think outside of the box or go the extra mile to resolve an issue just because they don't have too.

This was different when I was growing up with those phones with the dial and the only communication tool you had was the fixed line telephone. Those days, the technician would even come on a Sunday if the phone lines were down.

My phone line has been down a week and Internet Streamyx has been intermittent during that time.

Every time I call them I get the same scripted questions even if I give them the case id.

No difference in their replies or questions, 5 different people but all the same questions.

Then I am informed that a technician named Happy Dick with a certain hand phone has tried to call me.

I see no missed call or message from this number, so, I ask them where he has been calling.

Guess where?

To my home number - which I have reported does not work.

This is the magnificence of the monopolistic mega GLC's which rakes in millions in profit every year.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

talk to the hand

Nil said...

I am more tempted to say talk to my rear end....