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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ta..na..na..Won't you take me to....Bintulu

Have not blogged for a few days now, but over the weekend, we went to Bintulu for Add's and Wynn's wedding and what a surprise Bintulu was.

I will blog about Add's wedding sometime soon, but now about Bintulu.

A few months ago, sometime earlier this year, I wanted to drive to Bintulu just for the heck of it, but was discouraged - being told that there was absolutely nothing in Bintulu.

Bintulu unlike Miri, is not a city, but that's where any comparison ends.

I found Bintulu to be more modern, cleaner, better shops, better food and even a better mall and reasonably priced compared to Miri.

Miri in comparison seems a little run down.

Bintulu roads were mostly 2 lanes everywhere.

The shops had a cleaner, more colorful feel to them.

The food was really reasonably priced.

The only other thing that I could compare with Miri was that the beaches did not seem to be well maintained in this 2 places.

I think apart from that Bintulu is far more nicer to be in terms of quality of life and living.

The theme of the weekend.... how appropriate....

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me
Town to keep me movin', Keep me groovin' with some energy

Well, I talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it
Talk about, Talk about, Talk about movin
Gotta move on, Gotta move on, Gotta move on

Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to

Take care and be well.

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