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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho and Fa La La La La...Merry Christmas

Come Let us Adore Me
Come Let us Adore Me
Come Let us Adore Me

He he he he he

Christmas for me is spending time with family and some friends... this year it has been mostly spending time with family and my wife, and sometimes, that is all that is required.

I have had a jolly good time and merry wishes from many people all around the world and it seems that is how it is going to be going forward in my life where I have friends and family members all around the world and sometimes being together is not possible.

I wish for Christmas all happiness in the world to each and everyone of my family members spread around the world and each and every one of our dear friends also all around the world.

Family in Poland, USA, India and Singapore and other parts which I do not know.

Friends in Malaysia which includes dear friends in Sarawak, Sabah as well as USA, Austria, Australia, South Africa, Finland, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Maldives and others.

Have faith and hope always.

Take care and be well.

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