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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 1 - World AIDS day and Wear a tie day

Monday, a bunch of us, the usual gang decided that we should wear a tie just for the heck of it.

So, Mack, Add, Kupps and me decided to wear a tie to work. Mack and I even wore a red ribbon for World AIDS day. KC was in defensive driving, and not sure if he did wear a tie.

We all met for lunch and we all looked really smart.

We may have got some stupid comments throughout the day, but in general, I think those people who gave us stupid comments were jealous at how good we four looked. Most people had a pleasant smile and curiosity about it.

Unfortunately, did not take any pictures, everyone was busy, then I was rushing back after meetings and my car stalled and that is a whole different story.

Will I do it again, wear a tie to work? In a blink.

We all looked really smart, fun, and like a nice group of friends. So, yes, in a blink, I would do it. In fact, may propose another wear a tie day on Jan 5, which will likely be 1st day of work in 2009 for many of us.

I do have some pics that Bu Bu took of me, here they are:-

Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Timbadia :-P
Having a laugh

Bending over forwards laughing out loud

Biting off Mike Wojkowski's head

Take care and be well.


macK said...

i even got an e-mail from a friend who was actually really curious about what was going on. i told him that it's wear a tie day + world aids day and we're showing our support.

you see, i bumped into him but he didn't say anything at first. but at the end, he thanked me because he learned something that day, and in his own words, "good to be learning something new. seems to me your whole lunch gang was involved. kudos to you guys. most ppl are involved when/if its a company initiative. very refreshing to see this is a personal initiative."

even the doctor shook my hand so hard that day.

as for the tie, we heard a lot of good things too, "smart" or "trendy"

....some things we do may seem silly to others, they judge because they can, because they don't know.

but we know. and we had fun. but doesn't mean i'm giving up my cargo pants! :)

Nil said...

Agreed, they judge because they can and because they don't know. We did have fun and despite everyone being busy and stressed the last few days with work, life and other things, we still did it and we had fun.
And I agree, you keep those cargo pants girl, they look good on you.
We must do more "theme" days...maybe cargo pants next time ;-)