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Friday, December 26, 2008

Dressed up and dressed down

Once too often I see this scene in Malaysia be it in Kuala Lumpur or Miri.

A guy and a girl go out dating, they may be just starting out, or boyfriend and girlfriend, or engaged or married.

They make reservations in a nice restaurant, they plan to have a nice romantic dinner, just the two of them.

The girls always look forward to this. They put on their best make-up, wear their best shoes and wear a nice dress. They are decked out.

And the guy . . . . guess what?

You know it, right?

Shorts, t-shirt, sandals, flip-flops or shoes without socks.

That is the idea of some guys taking their girls out for a date.

Okay, so I am generalising a little, but I see this way so very often that it is unbelievable.

Guys, common, dress up a little, put on an ironed shirt, jeans are fine but wear some shoes.

Geez, I tell you, when I went out dating (I have been out of the market for 15 years or so) but I used to dress up.

Take your girl to a nice place, please dress up, wear a nice shirt, do up your hair a little, wear nice shoes. . .

Take care and be well.