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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Malaysian Registration Department Website

This is the state of English in Malaysian government departments.

This website from the Malaysian Registration Department or is it Ibu national registration department ' office.

This had me in stitches, laughing out loud and spraying water out of my mouth.

I could not believe it. This link courtesy of YAB.

Check it out: The website

Take care and be well.


joanna said...

what in the world??!! memalukan only..haihh..*shakes head*..

bal said...

oh my G, thanks Nils, i really did not know the level to which English language use has sunk in this country. Now i do. And i'm not sure what to do, laugh or cry.... this is a disaster of Epic proportions. the UMNO boys no doubt can read and understand every crazy sentence in the web-sit, so there is NO "English speaking" problem in Malayshia ...sigh


Nil said...

I have posted a comment on the website at how bad the translation is and how nobody from the department bothered to even proof read before publishing on the official website. It was funny when I read it initially, now it's just embarassing.

Nil said...

Finally, the English website is gone. Hopefully they will proof read before they put up a new site.

joanna said...

haha..phewh..good that you left a comment on that, was looking for a place to leave comments..want to kutuk habis habis ;P, but could not find it..ehe..