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Saturday, December 27, 2008

12 years

On 27 December 1996, I was married to my wifey.

We had a church wedding at the St John's Cathedral in Bukit Nenas followed by a small lunch at the hall next to the church.

The service was conducted by Father Daniel Lim now a Monsignor.

We had about 45 guests and the food was catered by this Chinese vegetarian restaurant I frequented called Anywhere.

After a nice lunch, we rushed back to this budget hotel we booked in Brickfields for us and our guests.

Got ready for our Indian temple wedding which was attended by another 30 odd people.

The temple was in Pantai Dalam and is now surrounded by highways all over, above etc.

After the temple wedding, we again rushed back to our little hotel to get ready for dinner in Bombay Palace restaurant.

Again about 45 people came for dinner.

12 years ago, we were limited in cash but very much in love and after about 3 years of courtship we decided to get married.

Getting married to my wifey especially in church was a little challenging as we had to go through marriage course in the Roman Catholic church and I had to sign documents stating that my children will be brought up as Catholics.

12 years on, I am still very much in love.

Only wish is that work would not keep me apart as much as it does.

Oh well, this is something I have to continue hoping for, believe and hope that God will keep us closer together.

Time flies, we have had our ups and downs . . . but we have weathered through it all.

Congratulations to us. Here's a toast to us.

Take care and be well.


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