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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kay El Kay El - I am just so tired

6:50pm Decide to take a drive home in Bangsar from Millennium Hotel, Bukit Bintang
7:00pm Get to my car and drive out of parking
7:30pm Arrive a distance of about 200 meters - on the road, in front of the hotel!!!
8:00pm Arrive somewhere behind Maybank HQ
8:30pm Arrive near the old railway station
9:00pm Arrive home in Bangsar Baru

2 hours on the road, after whole day of not having eaten and just drinking water, then reaching home to eat dinner with dad.

Reach home, and no dad.

He comes in about 15 minutes later, quite tipsy and slobbering his words.

Not that I mind my dad going out with his friends, I do it time and again but I never renegade on a promise unless it is a matter of life and death.

After having not eaten all day, after having a busy day, after being bloody hungry and having a headache, after driving for 2 hours in the bloody jam, I ate dinner alone some crappy food.

Reason I say crappy is that it was just not that good and I had diarrhea immediately after that

Came in from Miri yesterday. No taxi in airport but many many hustlers offering taxi service.

I really am beginning to dislike KL as a city, every time I come here, I get sick physically as well as just sick of this place.

It has a lot to offer as a city and overall is a nice place but the traffic, the snatch thieves, the illegal trades are just increasing and the police nor the government are bothered about this.

New York, Mumbai, Sydney, Chicago all have their jams but they have a good public transportation system. When in New York, I never once took a taxi, similar to the other cities I mentioned.

Working in city center would just mean working much longer hours, like coming to work early before the jams and leaving office late to avoid the jams. By the time you get home, you have to make significant effort to be nice.

I sms'd my wifey, I will never in my life work in KL city center, never, ever. The golden triangle is off limits for my choice of work.

I feel sorry and sympathetic for those who have to work in the city center, wifey did for years and quite a number of my friends do and seems like Mack will be working in the city center next year.

Take care and be well.

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