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Friday, October 24, 2008

Coffee and Cigarettes with B

Thanks B for the coffee and cigarettes (well you had the cigarettes) and the rawa thosai and roti telur. But mainly thanks for the talk and just being there.

You are truly a friend in need and friend indeed and thanks for sharing.

(BTW, Coffee and Cigarettes is a 2003 independent film directed by Jim Jarmusch. The film consists of eleven short stories which share coffee and cigarettes as a common thread. One of it, Somewhere in California, Filmed in 1993 as the short Coffee and Cigarettes - Somewhere in California segment, musicians Iggy Pop and Tom Waits smoke cigarettes to celebrate that they quit smoking, drink some coffee and have an awkward conversation. Tom tells Iggy that in reality he's a doctor. Then Iggy tells Tom that he knows of an industrial-style drummer with a "hard, banging" sound that Tom should check out. Waits gets slightly aggravated and asks Iggy if he thinks his records suck. If you want to view it, check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Mw6b1T50U)

What better song to dedicate to you than this, something we discussed as you dropped me off:-

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

bal said...

Thanks for the song Nils, i really, really like Tom Waits. He has a way of reaching in to my scrawny rib-cage with his dirty, motor-oil stained fist, wrapping it around my heart, yanking it out, shaking it in front of my gawking eyes, splattering me with my own blood and screaming at me " THIS IS YOU, THIS IS YOU B, TAKE A LONG, LONG HARD LOOK...THIS IS YOU."
Hope u are feeling better today.