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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Road to perdition

Just got back to Miri Resort City.

Thanks Buang for picking me up at the airport - flight was delayed by more than 30 minutes, so, arrival plus immigration plus bag - I was out around 10pm ++.

Had to drive to Wheels to pick up my house keys and drove back alone to my house here.

Reached home total darkness, absolutely no lights while house around me were illuminated.

Another attempt? I wondered.

Drudged up the stairs carefully with only the light of my phone.

While opening the door, I could have sworn I heard some movement in the house.

Dare I go in - in total darkness, unaware of what was beyond the door?

Heart beating faster, wife on the line, a silent prayer and the key goes in the keyhole.

Then I hear it.

A bark, Al E's bark!

How could it be?

He is for sure not in the house.

The spirit of Al E welcomed me home.

While it was in total darkness, I relaxed a bit.

Lighted some candles, tried to check the fuse and called the landlord who lives nearby.

He figured out one of the fuse was out, 95% of the lights are back on and the house is illuminated.

Cook some Maggi dinner, eat it with some root beer, speak to my lovely wife and off to sleep.

Tomorrow is yet another day, another day in Miri, sometimes seems like my road to perdition.

I will be back to work, Al E will be back home, some company at least until wife come over.

I miss him dearly, I am certain he does too.

Take care and be well.

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