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Thursday, October 30, 2008


10:30pm - Going to bed and knocked off quite fast
1:00am - some dream wakes me up
1:30am - still awake trying to sleep
1:40am - thirsty, go out for some water
1:50am - still thirsty, get some more water
2:00am - Al E is awake due to me, so put him back to sleep.
2:30am - lying in bed, trying to sleep.
3:00am - still awake, tossing and turning.
3:30am - psycho rooster starts to crow.
4:00am - tossing, turning, trying to sleep.
4:30am - go to the toilet and another drink of water.
5:00am - finally feel sleepy, going to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
5:45am - alarm rings, time to get up, hit the snooze.
5:55am - another snooze.
6:05am - Okay, I am up.
6:40am - friend picks me up to go to work.

Insomnia, used to have problems sleeping but not in a long time.

I am tossing around
Static rising from blanket
Noise from the street
Street lamp flickers
Throat is dry
Feels like Tom Waits
The a/c is spewing hot air
I am barely clothed
Sweating and tossing
Thinking and turning
Drinking and gulping
Al E is barking
Trying to fall asleep
But I lie awake
Next to wifey
and her warmth
Insomnia, Insomniac
Insomniacs Insomnia
Tired and eyes are heavy
Finally fall in slumber
But the alarm rings
And yet another day begins
Insomnia, Insomniac
Insomniacs Insomnia

Take care and be well.


bal said...

sigh, insomnia, yup. But then, still, thank your lucky stars that you don't have to do what this dude does when he is bored or can's sleep...http://brog.engrish.com/2008/10/27/electric-stimulus-to-face-music-video/

Nil said...

Jeez B, that's the weirdest thing I've seen, I definitely will not be doing this but may smoke some ... ahem .... sheesha ;-)