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Friday, October 31, 2008

Going to The Court

Yes, my case is on again. I will be going to The Court and my case will go on for about three and a half months or so.

So, come mid Nov, I'll be flying off to where the world court is, well a suburb of it anyways.

I am quite glad that it happened and I guess I am just letting things be and come along.

I will of course miss wifey a whole bunch. I am glad that she will get a chance to come spend Christmas with me.

I will miss my lil boy Al E Baba a lot and he will not have a chance to spend Christmas with me but he will have his grand-daddy, my pops to spend 3 weeks or so with.

I will miss my friends.

I will miss some activities/events and amongst this I will miss Bu Bu's bibi's birthday, I will miss Adishree's wedding and birthday as well, I will miss Anjali @ Mack's birthday as well.

I will miss my team and honestly my boss as well.

Although I will miss, I would like to say that I am looking forward to this, I am happy, I think that it is a great opportunity and it will just make me cherish what I already have and make me look forward to where I am going.

I will be back, a better man ... a little cliche, so be it.

Send wifey to love me
I need to rest in her arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I'm getting old
Before my time

Lord I'm doing all I can
To be a better man

Go easy on my conscience
cause its not my fault
I know I've been taught
To take the blame

Rest assured my angels
Will catch my tears

Lord Im doing all I can
To be a better man

Once you've found that lover
Youre homeward bound
Love is all around
Love is all around

Take care and be well.

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