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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Al-Qāhirah, Masr

Al-Qāhirah or Cairo - last few days

Day 10
Arrived from Aswan to Cairo on an early flight. This is Egypt, my I arrived at around 8:15am and my bag arrived in the next flight . . . this is Al-Qāhirah, Masr.

Anyway, quite fed-up, angry and disappointed especially when I call Egypt Air to find out my original flight has not been cancelled. That will be a different story all together.

Went on the the Internet to see whether I could change my flight to an earlier flight and even called the airlines via an international call but to no avail, I am stuck here.

Supposed to go out later with our guide and wife but cancelled and just ate at the restaurant in the hotel.

Did not do much and just some R&R at the hotel.

Day 11
We did our own thing. We went into town. Went to Nile Hilton. Then spend quite sometime in Khan El Khalili.

Later, we spend some time with the guide and wife - this time my treat. We opened fast in a restaurant called Felfela. After the dinner, the guide dropped us off to the hotel so that he could do his prayers.

Then he and his wife picked us up again at 10pm. We went to Khan El Khalili again and tried to do some shopping but could not get everything we wanted.

We then sat in Al Fishawi cafe which is a cafe that goes back more than 300 years in a market that goes back more than 600 years.

We got back to our hotel at 3am. Nice fun night.

Day 12
The tour company decided to throw in some freebies due to their screw-ups.

We did out last minute shopping to Funky Brothers, Khan El Kalili and then waited in NIle Hilton.

I am beginning to really like Khan El Khalili - Egypts very own Chinatown or Petaling Street but started in 1382 - yes 626 years ago and still existing.

Tour company picked us up a little late due to unbelievable traffic jams.

Went for a fantastic Fellucca ride on the Nile by sunset. Fellucca's are sail boats that are designed similar to the times of Pharoahs.

After the ride, went up to Cairo tower and saw Cairo by night. Similar to KL tower and as nice.

AFter that, went on a Nile river dinner cruise with all the entertainment including Belly dancing.

Yes, I belly danced, the dancer pulled me and I did some of my moves.

Dinner was bad but it was a nice fun night overall.

Day 13
Got up late and spent some time with our guide and his wife again.

They picked us up after 12 and then we went to Funky Brothers for just a while and then went to the Citadel which is an area that was created by Salah al-Din and then refurbished by Mohamad Ali (not the boxer).

It was a hot hot day, so, we decided to go to a airconditioned mall called Twin Stars - it is twice the size of KLCC Suria.

For break of fast, we went to eat Koushary at Al Tharir again. This time I made sure not to add the hot hot chili oil that got me in trouble the last time.

After dinner, we went for ice cream in a typical Egyptian place.

And after ice cream, we had Egyptian tea and I caved in. I had Sheesha with Apple flavour. I actually liked smoking the Sheesha - quite mild and interesting flavor.

After which we decided to call it a night.

Day 14
An easy day, got up late, enjoyed the morning in the hotel and then took the noon free bus to the city. Had a simple lunch at the Nile Hilton again then went for a walk by the Nile.

We walked all the way to Hyatt hotel and then called our regular Hani "Alonso" in his 27 year old Renault to send us back to our hotel to pack out bags.

Called room service for dinner and just packed the bags.

Day 15
Up at 6am, breakfast, the off to the aiport at 9:3am.

Total bag weight for 2 bags = 53kgs. Total overweight charge = A big smile and a Eid Mubarak wish.

Somehow, really looking forward to get back home.

Take care and be well.

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