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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cairo to Luxor to Edfu to Aswan to Abu Simbel

Day 6
Spent morning in Cairo, breakfast, pack, check-out, wait, wait, wait ....

Flew to Luxor from Cairo at 4pm and arrived rather late due to some screw up with the travel agency.

But nevertheless arrived and got an upgraded cabin on the cruise. Nice to say the least.

Went on a evening stroll and visit to Luxor temple - they are quite beautiful.

Tomorrow we go visit Karnak Temple, the valley of the kings and Hatshepsut temple. A lot of temples.

Day 7
Karnak temple in the morning and on the way to Valley of the Kings, time to look for my hidden unfound tomb full with all its treasures. I wonder if I have a right to it if I am the reincarnate of a pharaoh .... hmmm.

It is damn hot, damn damn hot and the people charge an arm and a leg for a bottle of water - imagine RM8 for a small bottle of water.

Our guide is hopeless - I find him a little rude and irritating and like a big bully. But many men in Egypt seem to be rude.

We are enjoying the visits but too much crammed in and it is really bloody hot.

Down to Edfu we cruise. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

Day 8
Temple of Horus and Edfu is a beautiful sight. This time we are prepared with bottles of water.

We will add pictures later.

Tonight is Galabiyah party on the boat. It is like "Jubah" or a Egyptian/Arabian Islamic robe. Actually not really Islamic to be honest as even Jesus et al wore these way before Islam.

As the Galabiyah party is ongoing, we arrive in Aswan.

Tomorrow we get up at 2am to go on a bus ride to Abu Simbel temple . . . so not much partying happened but we did enjoy ourselves.

Day 9
Two hours of sleep and we are up and in the shower.

Off we go to Abu Simbel with our breakfast boxes.

As soon as I get to our van, I spread out and am fast asleep. The convoy has to go together due to some problems they have had in southern Egypt or Upper Egypt as they say.

We actually leave at 4am due to the wait at the security checkpoint.

We reach Abu Simbel about 6:45am.

Abu Simbel is a sight to behold. The best temple I have visited in Egypt thus far.

Unicef took 30 years to move the temple 100 meters from its original spot. You would not be able to tell that it was moved. They had to move it because when the build the high dam, it flooded the Nile and created Nasser lake.

I wonder if Unicef will be able to help us move Mulu caves when our wonderful government builds unwanted dams near the Mulu area.

Abu Simbel, pictures will tell a thousand words but just so impressive. Ramses II and Nefertari build these temples and it is really something not to be missed.

On the way back, visited the unfinished Obelisk by Hatshepsut and the high dam in Aswan.

Then back to the boat for a rest.

In the evening we have been told of another unexpected change in the itinerary and our flight moved from evening to early morning. I smelled something fishy, called Egypt Air and was told there were no changes to their schedule - another great thing about coming here with Planet Tours.

Supposed to be Nubian night at the bar with some Nubian musicians - but we now have to pack and get up at 4am to catch the flight at 6am.

I will continue the rest of the trip later. But seriously considering to fly back home earlier, I think I've had enough dose of Egypt hospitality.

I think things were likely better in the Pharoanic times.

Take care and be well.

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