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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cairo - Part 1

Arrived in Cairo early yesterday morning, before 6am.

As we could not check in to hotel, we were taken for the usual tour, Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, some perfumery and some place doing papyrus.

Already spent a lot of money on perfume, a whole loads.

Cairo overall reminds me a lot of Mumbai in India. The roads, the dust, the color of the houses, the traffic system - it is congested, dusty, crowded.

Our hotel, Oasis Hotel is quite large with many gardens within it. It is located in Giza which is on the Western bank of the Nile whereas Cairo city center is in the Eastern bank of the Nile.

The pyraminds of Giza - the 3 main pyramids and the Sphinx was impressive but I have no doubt in my mind now that humans build them rather than with some help from aliens or some alien technology.

They are huge and big, but not something that humans could not have built.

Just was so tired after the trip and all the visits, we just came back and ordered room service for a late lunch.

Then I got the dredded sms which I have blogged about already, an sms from Bu Bu telling me that my house was broken into.

Just lost my apprettite after that and both of us pretty much just tried to go sleep, take a nap after all calls.

Took a nap at 4pm and then only got up at 10pm. Stayed up until midnight or so and just fell asleep again.

Still recovering from the burgled house as well as tiredness of the trip but in better moods.

Got up and had a decent breakfast at the hotel.

Then off we went to Cairo Museum - smack through the traffic jams, congested roads, no traffic system

This place is very very crowded.

The museum was very very crowded.

If you find KL jams bad, wait till you see jams here.

Spend a good 4 hours in the museum, it was nice.

The museum is a 2-storey building built early in 20th century by a French. Non air-conditioned in this sweltering desert heat but still it was good.

Saw some mummies in the mummy chamber - main attraction was Ramses II.

We also went to a cotton shop and bought some T-Shirts and some traditional costumes.

Going to the Pyramids Sound and Light show in a couple of hours and then off to Hard Rock Cafe Cairo.

That's all so far. Pictures will be added at a later stage or onto Flickr.

I am still tired and not entirely feeling well, still taking anti-biotics but also feeling very dizzy.

I love it here with wifey, but I miss Al-E and I miss some friends. Thanks for all your support and concern.

Take care and be well.

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L_ZEE said...

hey, im so sorry to hear about the burglary.. Don't let it stop you from experiencing Egypt though. I've always wanted to go there- i even did a research paper on it! The pyramids and the architecture and the history... wow... take care and God bless!