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Thursday, September 18, 2008


An extremely frustrating and stressful news/incident to start off my break.

My home in Miri was broken into and things were stolen from the store room and I have a sneaking feeling they are going to be back to try something again.

As not many people actually go into the store, my landlord and my friends do not know what was taken.

From my conversations, it seems like my mountain bike, a television and maybe some bags are gone.

While I am grateful that nobody was hurt in this senseless thing, I am very sad and frustrated for losing the bicycle which has a lot of sentimental value for me as it was a birthday gift some years back.

For nearly a year that I have been staying in the house, and many times that I have been away, this sort of things have never happened in my area despite it being the only one of the few community of houses without gates.

Now, it is nearly midnight over here and I can't go to sleep thinking on whether I should move to somewhere more secured, even if the bloody apartment has a bloody crack on it.

Do I feel the house is secure enough for my family to stay in while I go away on business?

I feel frustrated, upset, insecure, sad and a whole million different feelings at the same time.

I truly appreciate all the support I have received.

I know I have stated that I would avoid using vulgarities but the rage inside me is just wishing for those bastards to burn in hell, to fuck with them and their families, may they all rot in damnation, may their houses be burned down in a rage of fire that I feel within me.

Vacations are supposed to be fun. This is the first time writing my blog that I am in tears, on my first day of vacation, at midnight in the dusty desert, my heart feels so empty like the desert around me.

I wish upon the combined positive powers of the universe and its beings to keep me positive.

Take care and be well.

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