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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flying Tiger Hidden Bear ....

Welcome to Lejoland and Buangville.

Flying Tiger Hidden Bear, not another flick.

Lejo Pitem is my name. It means Black Tiger or Panther.

Buang Puti is my Kayan brother. It means White Bear or Polar Bear.

We live in Lejoland and Buangville - 500 feet of the ground - we soar the skies.

We live a happy life, despite all the stresses of the world around us.

And we spread our cheer, and our love as much as we can.

And we wish and hope for a better life for all, a better future and do as much as we can within out means as a panther and a bear.

Many people sometimes soar into our land and sometimes they fall. We are usually there to catch them, assist them back to Lejoland and Buangville or ensure they have a soft landing.

Some people, it is too high, they loose their bearings, they have vertigo and they fall.

Some people, they fall too fast, too hard.

Some people just don't get of the ground at all whereas some people just bask in Lejoland and Buangville.

Of course, Lejoland, being more established has more people soaring up to it. Buangville is still new.

Lejoland, where your wishing and hoping becomes a reality.

Wishing and hoping and
thinking and praying,
planning and dreaming
each night of her charms
that won't get you into her arms,
so if you're looking to find love
you can share, all you gotta do,
is hold her and kiss her, and love her
and show her that you care.

Welcome to Lejoland.

I just hope Buang is okay to maintain Buangville ... if not there is always Lejoland.

Don't soar too high, don't stay grounded too long, don't fall too fast, don't fall to hard.

Come on over - to Lejoland. It's just a place, in your mind, in my mind.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Archiereus said...

Flying Tiger Hidden Bear,
Bear hibernating... :D

Soar ppl soar high, reach Lejoland.. and when ur there, you'll be welcomed by Lejo Pitem..
look down sometimes know that its high but also look around to know you're not alone.. we have each other..

Buangville still under construction.. :)