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Monday, September 22, 2008

Cairo - Part 2

Day 3
We're on the 3rd day into our vacation. Cairo still reminds me a lot of Mumbai. Some of the houses/apartments here seem like they have been in a war zone.

Apparently, houses here come unfinished, the outside walls are brick and you have a hole for the windows. You have to finish it on your own.

The pollution is quite bad and I am having breathing problems. After the cold desert winds of yesterday, Sarah has fallen sick as well and is really under the weather.

Despite that, we decided to go on a pre-arranged Pharoanic Village tour. This village shows life as it may have been during the time of the Pharoahs. It also has 7 museums depicting the history of Egypt. This was much better then the Sound and Light show which was a little disappointing.

After this, we went to the oldest trading market called Khan El Khalili - maybe this the the place where Aladdin got his magical lamp.

Spent a few hours sitting and watching the world pass by.

Day 4
Today was a early start at 6:30am to go to Alexandria which is 3 hours drive north of Cairo and located in "Lower Egypt" on the Meditarranean sea. Alexandria is a smaller city and has more Roman and Greek influence.

Went to see a catacomb which I honestly believe that it did not contain any dead humans but oh well.

North Egypt is called Lower Egypt as it was the lower part of the Nile river and south Egypt is called Upper Egypt. These terms have been used since the Pharoahnic times.

Had a good lunch in a Egyptian restaurant in a Greek name and a great Italian dinner. First time since coming here, 2 great meals.

Day 5
Today was an adventure on our own. We took the hotel bus - an old school type looking bus which I used to take in primary school - that was an adventure by iteself. THen tried to cross one of the main roads in Egypt - another adventure. And then took a black and white taxi - yet another adventure.

Went to visit Coptic Cairo which is where all the old churches are - orthodox. The story is that Virgin Mary and Baby passed by Egypt and stayed here after running away from the persecution in Jeruselam. They remained here for a few years and Christianity started here really really early. 20 percent of the population here is Coptic Christians.

We actually had a nice taxi driver but really bad service in Ramses Hilton Hotel.

After getting back to our hotel, my tour guide picked us up for "buka puasa" or opening of fast with his wife. A simple but excellent meal called Khousary.

I did the smart thing of adding too much chilly oil and could not finish my food. I am going to feel this later.

After dinner, went to the high spot in Cairo to see the city by night over some mint tea. Spent a couple of hours to chit chat.

Then, through town - Cairo is awake at night. Had a interesting Carob drink, then on the way back to hotel.

City is alive, but sick wifey is now fast asleep and I am blogging away.

I will write more when time comes. But tomorrow we are off to a Nile river cruise. First a flight to Luxor in Upper Egypt and then we sail to Aswan. From Aswan, we fly to Abu Simbel.

Simple dinner and night with friends.

Till then ...

Take care and be well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nilesh,..Love reading your travel adventures and comments..Enjoy the time in Egypt.. sincerely YAB