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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nearly 10 years have passed

Nearly 10 years have passed since my mom passed away - just a couple more weeks.

Somehow, I still miss her every now and then and I still think of her every now and then.

Every time I see my friends mums or when friends talk about their mums or when I see my wifey's mum, which I do consider mum as well, I just miss my own mummy.

(Not the one wrapped in toilet paper or cloth and not the one Brendan Fraser keeps chasing after!)

I also still feel that she is somewhere still watching over me, protecting me from various bad or evil people, things etc.

Just a feeling that I also got today, that she is watching over me, giving me some direction, setting me to the right path.

I do not feel that I am lost, or that I don't belong, or that I do not know where my life is leading when I feel her direction.

I am sometimes lost, and sometimes feel that I don't belong and sometimes do not know where my life is leading.

But I do not feel so when given a sign.

Thanks mummy for all your guidance while you were alive and thanks for all your guidance now.

Love you lots.

Take care and be well.

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