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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bu Bu at Ho Ho Ho for HaHa ppy Birthday

Bu Bu's aka Buang's birthday today.

Not many people around this week and less so this evening, furthermore, Bu Bu being a family oriented person would have some family thingy in the evening.

So, how best to celebrate a birthday in daytime. Told Buang that would take him out for lunch. Worse case, just him and me cause his girl was also expected to be away.

Anyway, to keep it short. 8 friends, simple lunch at Mr Ho's, chocolate fondue, chocolate cheese cake and a nice enough birthday lunch.

Thanks for making it special - anak Laing, Ah Boon, Add and Angin, Mack, Ser and me. Of course Bu Bu as well.

Went to Buang's house in the evening - nice gathering of people, great fun with family and friends, I am now truly a half-Kayan of the long lost Pitem Mi clan, my name is Lejo Pitem.

Finally met Anderson Kallang, the infamous photographer - now can add him in Facebook.

Have a great day, wishing you many more happy years in your life and don't be too much of a andyhead yah.

Take care and be well.


Anderson said...

Hi Nilesh!

Swell time we had last nite at Andy's. Glad to be acquainted with you and Sarah. You're on my blog list now so..jaga you! I'll be stalking you! hahahaha...

Anyway, Have a great week ahead bro. Cheers!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Hi Nil... nice to meet u & ur beautiful wife at andy's place! I'm ur stalker now!!! hohoho~

Hey Nil, dun lah put "Kalang's Scribbles and Pixels", later ppl misunderstand lah, everybody will say its Anderson "punya" dad's blog pula... hehehe!

Saw ur pics... very nice! Have a nice day! Cheers!

Nil said...

Anderson, already change to Sen

All comments on my blogs welcome.