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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Robbed - The final curtain

Did not feel like going to the store room to check what the thieves stole.

Just felt fed up and like it would make no difference except for being hurt to just look inside.

Finally, I remembered something else that I had put inside.

So, I opened the door, today.

And true to my beliefs, I am more hurt.

Total loss is more than I envisioned while I was away.

I lost 3 valuable gifts, my golf set which was a present from my dad and wifey for birthday, my wife's golf set which was my gift to her, my mountain bike which was a gift to me from dad and wifey again, the landlords old tele, some bags and stuff belonging to my ex neighbours buddy, some small boxes filled with old curtains and a travelling bag.

In terms of value of my personal stuff, just the 2 golf sets and mountain bike was worth 6k. But they were gifts and are truly invaluable because of the memories.

Do not know how much all the other stuff is worth.

And guess what? Well, keep guessing!

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Well, at least we still have each other, the little lamb and stuff upstairs.

I am a little sad that our gifts for each other has been taken away (robbed).

Oh, well, lets move forward and hope for the best in days to come.

We lose some but will definitely gain some too (eventually), so lets ALLOW ourselves to believe in it instead of getting frustrated.....Cheers babe.

Nil said...

Agree that we have to move forward, be in the present and all. However, my resolve is strong enough that whoever did this will be taken care of - somehow in someways, they will be worse off then they were before they stole our things. We move on, we will get new stuff. Al E, you and I are safe and we move on.