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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KKK (Not Ku Klux Klan)

Kupps Killed a K9.

A good friend of mine was driving back and a dog suddenly came out of nowhere and his car hit the K9.

The description was that the dog flew like a Frisbee spinning in the air, likely dead.

The other passenger in the car likely due to the shock cursed all the curse words she has in her vocabulary.

Kupps too was in some level of shock.

Both of them felt pity for the dog.

There was some damage on the car bumper and even some fur on it. No blood and other parts of the organs though.

Funny that most people felt pity for the dog, sometimes to a level more than the driver.

Told him, accidents happen. I am truly glad that both the driver and passenger are not injured in any ways and the damage to the car was not to significant more cosmetic.

While I joke with him about now having eaten dog meat as well as running a dog over and that I am going to keep Al E far away from him, I am truly grateful that they are safe.

As for suicidal dogs and cats, well I don't know why they suddenly run out on the road.

I once hit a deer in USA and the deer rolled over the roof, got up, looked at me like WTF, why the hell did you hit me, stupid humans .... and walked away.

In this situations, I honestly rather have the dog dead than anything more serious happen to my close friends.

Drive carefully, be alert, and if you accidentally hit something, know that it was not your fault or intentional. Accidents happen.

Take care and be well.


Archiereus said...

Yeah.. really angie when this kind of things happen. But makes u feel like andy right when it do happens. I saw a lady once.. selamba only she go knock a dog on the way UPHILL! she wasnt that fast... and the dog was moving away from the road as well.. I was like Wat the Kupps!! sigh... just some smartadd drivers in miri. Should just show her the shirley..

Nil said...

if anyone needs some tranlations on the comment above, go kupping ask the andyhead person who put up the comment :-P

Archiereus said...

or ask the kupping nilshead that replied to the first comment :P

Nil said...

For the non followers wqho are now utterly confused, check out http://andyhajok.blogspot.com/2008/10/if-your-name-was-vulgar-word.html or basically imagine if your name was a vulgur word.

macK said...

hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel

Nil said...

Yes hands on the wheels and eyes on the road - not on the person sitting next to you nor on your phone (and I mean both hands and eyes)