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Monday, October 27, 2008

Diwali or Deepavalli?

Deepavalli or Diwali - makes no difference, same thing, different terms, festival of lights, triumph of good over evil.

However, Diwali does not exist in Sarawak, only state that it does not exist.

It exists in all other states (including Sabah) as well as Federal Territories but not Sarawak.

In Miri, the malls have already started on their Christmas decorations.

Anyway, not making any arguments here nor looking for a debate.

As I am here, I will work on Diwali as well as the Gujarati New Year Day. But celebrate I will, in my own little way.

And just to give you a small glimpse of Diwali, I embed 2 Diwali YouTube videos here to get some spirit of the festival.

Happy Diwali everyone, may your life be filled with light always.

I hope for Diwali that my life will be filled with divine light for me to find some inner peace within myself, to be happy and calm in everything that I do no matter how bad or frustrating it may be to do it. To give only love and feel only love for others and myself.

Take care and be well.


Anderson said...

Happy Deepavali bro!

How I wish its also a public holiday here in Sarawak.

Nil said...

Thanks Anderson