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Friday, May 8, 2009

Creepy Castle's

The night in the castle was a little creepy to say the least.

I am not a big fan of castles but wifey has always wanted to have the experience of staying in one, so we did.

Some of the creepiness listed in the blog here.

1. There is a medieval metal armour of a knight in the castle in the corner. This castle was an abbey, as such, where priests lived. I guess the knight uniform/armour was someone within them or their protectors. The armour was creepy and when we took some photo's, we could have sworn that it moved, especially the head.

2. Sarah lost a beloved ring of hers. She searched everywhere, over and over in the same places, including her bags, purse etc. Basically everywhere. I checked as well but could not find it. The ring just disappeared. After leaving the castle and reaching Cologne, the ring was found in a bag which Sarah had searched 5 times and I had searched 3 times over in detail.

3. I lost 1 sock. My sock just disappeared. Maybe the knight needed a sock for his feet, or one of his was torn. I don;t know, but 1 sock disappeared.

4. The whole place was crawling with creepiness like antiques and sad and scary looking portraits of people long dead. Some pictures reminded me of the movie with Nicole Kidman called Hours where photo's or portraits of the dead were taken like as if they were seated.

5. There were 2 windows in our room, one facing the Bonn town and the ugly DHL building adorning the skies and one facing the forest which surrounds the castle. The one facing Bonn seemed fine but the one facing the forest was a little creepy. Like the window was for "people or things" to watch us, especially while we were asleep.

6. The room we slept in was technically not the main castle building but a side extension - could this have been the servant quarters or the prison of the abbey? Why are there no rooms in the castle? Is it hunted?

I do not know if all castles are hunted or not but I have experienced enough creepiness that I think I would be avoiding castles in the future.

Sorry Queen Beatrix and Queen Liz, I will visit you and come have a cuppa tea with you sometime but I will not stay over in any of your castles.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

So true. Glad I got back my ring.

The castle gave me the creeps.

Gerald said...

hi hi hi ... sooooooo chicken... ;-)

Nil said...

I am a Rooster after all :P

Ser said...

Chicken or not...am not going to stay in another creepy environment. Amen.