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Sunday, May 17, 2009

So long, farewell ...

Yet another time to say so long, farewell...

This time to my old man, Pappa. He has been here for about a month or so, taking care of my boy.

I think he has grown accustomed to being in Miri with Al E. Although a little bored but still I think getting used to life here.

It was also good that I had taken a few days off after returning to Miri so that I could spend sometime with him as well as Al E before I get back to work.

The few days off has been good for me as well as I am able to relax and get over my jet lag.

So, another weekend gone by, it is already middle of May, nearly half the year has past by.

I also say so long to my vacation. Tomorrow it will be back to work in a new environment, new seat, new atmosphere, new cubicle mate.

Oh well, change is inevitable, just stand tall and walk forward, wear sunglasses and look out for a brighter future.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Future's so great that you got to wear shades baby!

Ser said...

I miss pappa already...it really nice of him to come over and take care of our boy.

Nil said...

I miss the old man too. And yah, my future's so bright, so I wear transition glasses ;)