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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Luxembourg - The true garden city

Luxembourg has been a very very interesting small place to visit. It is a very small place but really lovely.

The weather was unfortunate but the place is magical, it is surrounded by parks and gardens everywhere, there is so much of greenery.

Wifey and I have truly enjoyed ourselves in this magical place and would love to come back here sometime especially with Al E boy.

We even saw a black cocker spaniel while on our walk around.

The place is a little expensive but the food has been great so far. Wifey also managed to buy me another birthday present and I also bought wifey some stuff here.

Apart from shopping, the architecture of the buildings is just amazing.

And the parks surrounding the city is also very wonderful and well comparable to Central Park in NYC and Hyde Park in motherland.

Wifey and I also managed to get into a church service - I think people pray in church here a lot. I could swear there were services throughout the day and each time it had more than 100 people in the service.

Whilst walking to another part of town, went into this interesting natural cosmetic and tea sort of place and low and behold, I met a Guju bhai here in Luxembourg.

Had some cha (tea) and khakra (traditional Gujerati snack) which buying some stuff in the lovely Day Spa. Totally un-Guju place.

Tomorrow we are off to another destination, moving to a castle.

I have been sick and been on medications and the sudden colder weather does not help much but I am getting better.

Take care and be well.

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