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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to Miri

Arrived back in Miri today after a long flight from Amsterdam which actually arrived 20 minutes earlier and then another wait for the 1st flight from Kuala Lumpur to Miri at 8:30am.

Having travelled Business Class on the international portion of my travel, I also had a business class seat on the domestic section. The service in Malaysian Airlines is amazing.

On the international flight, I did not get much sleep, so watched like 5 movies. The Reader, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Inkheart, Bride Wars, Grand Torino and parts of Hello Goodbye.

The food was exceptionally good. And since I was not sleepy, I got enough exercise of walking around and up and down. I could not bump Sarah up from economy class because the Dutch ground crew were just so being "Dutch" - enough said. But Sarah had 3 seats, a row all to herself in economy class, so not too bad. I too had a row in Business Class.

I was hungry late in night, so ask the flight crew what I could eat and they made for me some Maggi Mee with tofu, celery, carrots etc. Ahhhhhh, nice to have the service.

Then when landed in KLIA, I convinced the lounge to allow Sarah in the lounge which the guy was nice enough. We had a quick Nasi Lemak breakfast, read the papers and used the "facilities".

Then went to our gate for the domestic flight. There was quite a bit of checking in KLIA on the swine flu but we were not suspects, so we were let go.

Then in the flight to Miri, which was also rather empty in economy (70 passengers only of total available 120 odd).

The business class on the other hand was unbelievable. I was the one and only passenger.

There was a more stringent swine flu check in Sarawak despite having been checked in KLIA already.

We got out quite fast as my bags were first out (being the only passenger on Business Class) and then Sarah's bags came soon after.

Pappa came a few minutes later with Al E Baba who was so surprised and excited to see both of us and especially me.

After an hour or so at home, I made my way to the office to open my lockers as there is an office move this weekend. Went lunchtime intentionally to avoid bumping into too many people but did meet boss.

Then a few hours of sleep, a few messages from friends and then a home cooked meal by dad and a few hours of the idiot box.

Tomorrow is wifey's birthday, then day after Al E turns 1.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

It was a loooooooooooong tiring trip. I watched 6 movies and can't sleep.