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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A succesful dinner; a failed attempt at kite flying

Had a small get together at home, just some friends, a small farewell sort of simple dinner. All in all, just seven of us.

Wifey cooked a really really nice laksa, this time Johor style - which means the noodles are spaghetti instead of local noodles. And this time, not as spicy as other times and with santan (coconut milk). And this time, totally wiped out, empty pot at the end of the night.

The broth for the laksa was really good, if I have not mentioned it already.

We finished 2 bottles of sparkling wine, 2 boxes of juices, 1 small bottle of Polish cherry vodka, 1 tub of ice cream, 1 pot of tea, 2 packets of spaghetti and the whole pot of laksa broth.

Wifey also made some baked green banana dish that was supposed to be appetizer but ended up being a post dinner snack and was also wiped out.

We started early and tried to go out to fly my kite. However, the wind was not that strong and I sort of knew we would not have the lift off we really needed.

And we did not. So it was a failed attempt at flying my power kite.

The weather has been unbelievably hot and humid. 32 degrees Celsius that feels like 38 to 40 degrees.

So, another weekend has passed. Sunday was generally uneventful, went for a facial and then in the evening went to see a movie at the wonderful cineplex in Miri.

I will need to write about the car park in my next blog. Until then...

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Glad the Laksa went well and a hit with everyone.

Sanjay said...

Sounds delicious ... am salivating. Sarah any chance you can FedEx your Laksa to me? :o)

Looks like you all had a fun time and a feast! Sounds wonderful.

Take care,

Ser said...

Sanjay - I wish I could send Laksa Johor via airmail. I wish by now we had 'beam-me-up' technology like in Star Trek.

Nil said...

The question would be how we could solidify the laksa broth that it would pass through the US customs without it being taken as some plastic or some diseased bio-hazzardous warfare ... hmm, we may just get another war. But then again, Obama may smell the wonderfull aroma and have it all for himself while reminising of his days in this region ;)