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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Living in a castle

Always wondered how living in a castle would be like.

Also, wifey has always wanted to spend a night in a castle.

So, we crossed the Luxembourg border - it is a small country, did not take too long to do that.

We came into Germany this morning and there were a lot of highway construction works going on the autobahn. So, did not get to be Schumie and drive really fast in a place where there is no max speed limits on the autobahns but did get to a max of 150kilometers per hour on my little Hyundai I30.

There were also some road closures, so had to divert and take smaller roads and ended up on the road that drives by the Rhine river. It was quite a pretty site to drive by the river for 40 or so kilometers before reaching our abode for the night which is Schlosshotel Kommende Ramesdorf, just about 5 kilometers outside of Bonn and 35 kilometers out of Cologne.

The place is quite beautiful but extremely quiet. I guess it gets busy in the summer and the current spring days have been too cold for any outdoor activities.

We do not intend to go to Bonn city center - not that there is much of it - but I can see my ex-employers headquarters from my window, it is the only tall ugly building adorning the skies of Bonn.

Tomorrow, we will be off to another destination, another place, but in Germany before we make our way back to Amsterdam and then back to Miri.

My fever is reduced but still not entirely well, should be more careful with the colder weather.

In retrospect, I like the castle but would not want to live in one, it is usually too huge, too old and too creepy. I would like a big modern house but not something with 50 rooms or so. 10 or so rooms would be nice ;)

Luxembourg has been wonderful and I am sure the country where my boss comes from would not disappoint.

Take care and be well.

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