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Saturday, May 30, 2009

KL vs Miri

Okay okay, it may not be a fair comparison one would think. I would maybe get many people disagreeing with me, but before you jump to conclusions, please note that this is just my opinion alone. You may or may not agree with me but this is what I feel and I may not have covered everything, nobody can. So here goes, big city vs small city.

Round 1 - Shopping
KL. No contest, KL being the bigger city has more shopping and better shopping.

Round 2 - Cinemas and Theater
KL. Again, after being to the wonderful Miri cineplex - enough said.

Round 3 - Traffic
Miri. A 15 minute jam in Miri is a major traffic jam. In KL, 15 minutes would not be mentioned as a jam as your friends will whack you.

Round 4 - Work Life balance
Miri. Many people can come home for lunch and have a lot of time after work and weekends to spend with loved ones and friends.

Round 5 - Theft
Draw. In KL, snatch theft is rampant. In Miri, it is house theft. So a draw here.

Round 6- Fly kites
Miri. I would not be able to find a place in KL to fly either a small kite or a power kite.

Round 7 - Dance
KL. KL has more qualified dance instructors and many dance studios creating a healthy competition. In Miri .... well....

Round 8 - Gyms
KL. The Gyms in KL are better equipped with latest equipment.

Round 9 - Sports Clubs
Miri - cheaper and easier access. In KL, I can only think a few clubs like Selangor Club but they are more expensive and offer not much more that Gymkhana or KRP.

Round 10 - Food
KL. Again, more varieties, better quality and overall better price.

Round 11 - Beach
Miri. Well, of course the closest beach to KL is Morib or Port Dickson and both are worse than Miri.

Round 12 - Health care
KL. In Miri, you have specialist coming once a week. In KL, there are many clinics and specialist available at all times.

Okay, so in a 12 round boxing match, KL pips Miri slightly. It is not a knock-out and as mentioned, there may be other criteria that have not been considered.

There are also other better cities in the world that would beat out both KL and Miri flat, so, maybe, just maybe, it is time to move sometime to better things.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...


Miri - need further improvement in terms of F&B, services, medical etc. etc.

KL - getting worse.

So, better to move on to a better place and start a new adventure...times up.

kC said...

Ooo... major hint...

Being born and bred in KL... I feel the need to justify the place.

Kites... there is a place near Batu Caves... maybe not enough wind for large kites

Traffic... (on the offensive, aha!) Permy traffic is just plain horrible... but its all relative isn't it.

But of course... they're both different and they're both charming, for a while.

Maybe Ser's right... time to up and go?

Nil said...

I wanted to throw Penang in there since I was born and grew up there. Then most of my adult life was in KL and now in Miri. But there are times that no matter where you consider your hometown; if your heart is not there anymore; the food, the traffic, etc would not matter and it would be time to up and go.

Ser said...

Agreed with both KC and Nil - time to up and go...eventually....