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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Irresponsible imbeciles .... Now everyone can fly, truly.

A few of us just came back from Kota Kinabalu today. We took advantage of a long weekend to go experience a real city like KK and unlike Miri resort city that I live in (this is a topic for a blog to come, why can't Miri be more like a real city).

Anyway, trying to keep this posting short.

I sat on the middle of the second row and on the parallel row sat a heavily pregnant woman and 2 of her young children who surprisingly for children their age were very well behaved.

I unfortunately sat behind nobody. The seat in front of me was empty, I was sitting on the second row. On the first row, there were a relatively young couple who had obviously taken Air Asia's express boarding. They duly kept the middle seat empty by booking it with a water bottle.
As soon as the flight was on its way, they took no time to push their seats as far back as they could, including the empty seat which I had sat behind. There was absolutely no one sitting there, but they still pushed the seat all the way back hitting my already hurting knees.

While they straightened the seats when the flight was about to land as per required by the airline regulations. However, as soon as the flight had landed and was driving to the gate, the seat were pushed back again. The nerve of these imbeciles.

Thank goodness the flight was only a 50 minute flight and my patience was enough to tolerate these irresponsible imbecile ruffians.

And after the plane had landed, everyone seemed to be rushing to get out, I had to create a block and could feel people pushing me. But I created a block between me and my wife so that the heavily pregnant woman and her 2 young children could get off board.

Oh, well, like they say, "Now everyone can fly!" I guess these includes irresponsible imbeciles.

Be patient, be calm, be grateful and do a good deed.

Take care and be well.

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