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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Your life is a treasure and you are so much than you know

The title for the blog is taken from Robin Sharma's book Discover Your Destiny.

To my wife, wishing you a happy birthday, I hope for all happiness and love in our lives. Know this, "Your life is a treasure and you are so much than you know."

There are many books that I have read in my life, all types of books, any genre, any thickness, any author, anything. Lately, I read a lot of positive thinking, life improvement books as well as biographies. Biographies are quite inspiring. I have even read the Bible, both old and new testament and the Quran in English of course. And even these books have a positive message.

For example, Mark 11:24 in the Bible states, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

A simple message, whatever you want in your life, believe that you already have it, pray and thank whoever you pray for already having it, and you shall have it.

Does it work? Sure it does, and I have done it myself. The key word in the Bible verse is believe. Many of us doubt, and doubt means not believing, and when doubt creeps in, there is where we loose it.

I believe there is an old Chinese saying that states that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with the 1st step. Many of us have great goals, greats dreams, great wishes for ourselves, for our loved ones, for the world and we tend to give up to soon sometimes in the journey, we tend to lose focus, I tend to sometimes lose focus.

Robin Sharma also wrote "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari." Another nice book to read. The mind is truly a fascinating thing, what we think daily is truly fascinating.

We fear, we have doubts.

We must remember on your other side of our fears and doubt, we will discover our fortune.

Norman Vincent Peale in his book Positive Imaging uses a lot of the Christian religion and the Bible, but the message is clear, if you can positively image what you desire, if you image it to the extent that in your mind you already have what you desire, the law of attraction will just make things fall into its place and you will get what you desire.

Steven Covey says be proactive, yet it is not as easy as it sounds as we have been brought up to react to situations and therefore we are naturally reactive.

Fear Knocked on the door
Doubt was right next to him
Opportunity knocked on the door softly
My Desires and Dreams was right next to Opportunity
But Fear and Doubt kept knocking harder and harder on the door
Until I could barely hear Opportunity and
My Desire and Dreams seemed to be slipping away
Until Faith came by my side
Faith answered the door
There was no Fear nor Doubt
Only Opportunity remained
And he brought along My Desires and My Dreams in a well.

Have blind faith and unconditionally believe that you will achieve your desires and your dreams, just believe, no questions asked, no fear, no doubt, no NO.

Be positive. It is literally in my blood to be positive (as my my blood type is B + ;-)), so I choose from now on to take a positive outlook in everything that I do. Every now and then I am sure fear and doubt will try to creep in, every now and then I may be a little down, but I will rely on my faith and my innate desire for happiness and success and I will be positive and chase away doubts and fear from my life.

Many may say this is all talk, no action. I have started small and here are some examples of my success.

I am nearly 40 years old and could not swim, however, when I came to Miri, I had a strong desire that I will learn how to swim here and I would find the right person to teach me how to swim. I have had instructors before who were unable to teach me how to swim and I also had a slight fear of drowning. I can now swim, mostly it was mind over matter. Positive imaging and desire.

When I first came to Miri, I imagined to stay near the sea, by the beach. However, the first few days of house searching were futile but somehow my desire remained. My wife too had the same desire. We nearly closed in on a deal in a house in the city then we saw the house we are living in right now. It is what we imagined and we are living in it. People say it is far from work, but it is only 25 to 30 minutes and to me this is not far. We achieved what we seeked.

My desire to own a house in a up market area in KL with a land and garden behind were also achieved, I now own a nice home in Bangsar which has a nice 40 feet by 22 feet garden behind, this is something that is virtually impossible to get.

My desire to work in an oil and gas company on the production and exploration side also materialised.

My desire to have a permanent residency in another country is well on schedule.

More than 1 year ago, when I was 1st called for an interview in Miri, after going back to KL, I wrote down that I will get the job, I will get an X amount of salary, I will buy a 4 wheel drive car which I will take to Miri and I will stay near the beach, all of which has come true.

I am now wishing, desiring and dreaming for more things, and I am keeping a positive image of it and I have faith that I will achieve all my desires and my dreams in my lifetime.

I always wish good things for all my family members and my friends as well and hope that all their dreams and desires will be achieved as well. I would like to fulfil some of their dreams and that is part of my desire and dream to do so.

Robin Sharma talks about 5 daily devotions which I will write briefly about here.

- Devote yourself to rising at 5am each and every morning.
- Devote yourself to set aside the 1st 60 minutes of your day to holy hour.
- Devote yourself to displaying a standard of care, compassion and character well beyond what others can imagine of you.
- Devote yourself to displaying a standard of excellence in what you do far higher than what others expect from you.
- Devote yourself to being the most loving person and think, feel and act like you are one of the greatest people on earth because you are.

To everyone of my friends and everyone who reads this blog, remember this, "Your life is a treasure and you are so much than you know. "

Take care and be well.

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Well said. Good stuff. Bisous.