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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tear out my Heart, feed it to Lions

What is courage,
Is it Brave?
What are Lions?
I've only seen them on parades.
How is love supposed to read
in a footnote of history?
What's a tap on your shoulder
that you're afraid to look over?
A soldier's down in a fire fight.
No one can look me in the eye.

This is what it means to be alone.

Tear out my Heart,
Feed it to Lions,
For this one wish I beg you this tonight,
Show me no mercy,
But spare me my pride,
I am going for a drive.

And if you find out he's coming home,
When I come around the corner,
I'll know that it's alright,
Leave me two lights.

Silent Angels
Light the road up ahead
As the sentries guard the way
On the avenue of borrowed time.

Two Lights sung by John Ondrasik or Five for Fighting.

I sure felt like that for a while. After a drive and some tears rolling down my cheeks, I started the album again from the beginning.

Two Lights above is song number 5 in the Two Lights album. John is among one of my favorite singers lately. I really like all the songs but there are a few among my favorites which includes The Riddle which is song number 4. All his songs are soulful and they touch my soul.

Then I heard his album from the beginning and after the first song Freedom Never Cries and the second song World, my sad episode was over, I did not feel so sad anymore.

In the World, it asks, What kind of world do you want? Think anything, let's start at the start, Build a masterpiece, Be careful what you wish for, History starts now.

I have to start taking my own advice and generally have been. It is just that I was down a little and sometimes I get a little lost and just need to be shown back the direction or right path.

Many of my wishes and hopes have come true and another one is coming true tomorrow.

So, it is pretty much what kind of world do I want but I have to be careful what I wish for. Sometimes we think a little negative, a little doubt and fear creeps in and there goes the perfect wish and hope.

Many things I have wished for have come true, now I just need to build my world as I want it.

To all my friends and people with hearts of gold in both Sabah and Sarawak, Happy Harvest festival. Have a great time, my sincere wishes for you and your family and hope that all your dreams come true and you build your world as you want it.

History starts now.

Take care and be well.

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