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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A dream or a future reality - An angel's wedding

Most of us have dreams, sometimes we remember the dreams, sometimes we do not remember our dreams, sometimes they are in color and sometimes they are in black and white, sometimes we have scary dreams which are nightmares, sometimes we have pleasant dreams and yes, every now and then it may even be a wet dream :-)

I have been having this recurring dream - well I had it twice anyways, so somewhat recurring. I will try to lay out this dream without using any names because I have committed not to.

An angel's wedding, I was dreaming that an angel was getting married, I happen to know this angel, and the angel happens to know me, we are friends, maybe even close or good friends. Is it a living angel, a fallen angel, I do not know and cannot say, all I know is that it is an angel.

The wedding is taking place in St. Peter's cathedral in Rome, the biggest Catholic church and of course the headquarters of Catholic Christian religion. It is rather clear it is in St. Peter's because I have been there with my wife before and I remember the layout of the church and Michelangelo Buonarroti's Pietà. The Pietà is one of the most astonishing sculptures I have seen in my life and can never forget it.

The wedding is conducted by a cardinal of the church, I am not too familiar with the cardinal but I believe it is Cardinal Arinze from Nigeria, but I cannot be certain, there are very few cardinals from Africa and it is not a Bishop, like Bishop Tutu that I am more familiar with.

It is a rather huge wedding but everyone is inside the church and no people are on the outside. I seem to know the groom, he is oriental and about 5 feet 10 inches tall, I say that because he is slightly shorter than me and I am 6 feet tall. I seem to know him well but in the current reality, I do not know who he is. He is very friendly in my dreams.

I am his best man but I am also close to the bride. My wife is also there in the church as are many of our other friends and many familiar faces. There are also many unfamiliar faces, there are thousands of faces, not all that I would know anyways.

I have seen to the bride, the angel, before the ceremony, in her dressing room, she is a sight to behold, he wedding gown is magnificent and the train of the dress must be at least 20 feet in length. We see each other and each of us just smiles, there is not time for words, just a smile, a knowing smile, a happy smile.

I go on into the grooms dressing room, he is ready, and we joke and I tell him that his angel looks magnificent. He smiles and I smile. He is relaxed yet a little nervous, he is happy. We go on into the church.

Cardinal Arinze is already at his pulpit. The wedding march song begins, two beautiful flower girls walk in and throw rose petals. Behind the flower girls, three bridesmaids walk in, three gorgeous ladies, all of whom I know, all single ladies that are girlfriends to my friends at the workplace.

Then comes in the bride, a petite angel, she walks in hand in hand with her father, I am assuming this as I have personally never seen the man before this. Behind her, four girls are holding on to the train of her dress. She walks graciously to the front and the ceremony begins.

It is mostly in Latin and I do not know why because none of us speak or understand Latin. The ceremony takes about 52 minutes and ends with "Potete baciare il bride" which I think means "You may kiss the bride."

They walk off together, and before they do, the bride comes over to me and whispers something which even I do not recall but I do recall what I whisper back, I say, "I don't think so. You look gorgeous, I am happy for you and it is always my pleasure, you take care, be well."

I give her a peck on her cheek, my lovely wife gives her a peck on her cheek as well as gives the groom a peck on his cheek. I hug the groom, congratulate him and tell him to also take care and be well.

All friends are congratulating them and then they drive off. My dream nearly ends here but before it does, it just gives me a preview of the reception in the night in some big hotel in Rome and poof, I get up.

Why I have had this dream twice I do not know, will I have this dream again, I do not know, all I know was that it was a happy dream, everyone in the dream, each of the people I know, whom I do not know yet and who I may never know, were happy, there was genuine love and happiness in the church and the sadness of the Pietà just lifted away and there was the happiness of being witness to an angel's wedding. It was truly a joyous occasion.

This was just a dream.... or is it a future reality. Well, I hope it is a future reality.

Take care and be well.

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