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Friday, May 16, 2008

A mighty wind does not matter when you're next to me

13 May 2008, the day the storm and strong winds struck Miri causing some havoc and damage with quite a number of large trees toppling over.

It was also my wife's birthday, and I had planned a nice romantic candle light dinner by the sea watching the sunset and having Pink Champagne with a customised 3 course dinner.

Our lovely pictures on our balcony.

The evening started off well enough although there was not much of a sunset, as there was too much cloud cover. Irrespectively, it started well, the table arrangement was fantastic, the ambiance was very nice, we started sipping our pink champagne to start of a lovely evening. We had a private butler and total attention from the staff, it was truly going to be a lovely evening.

More lovely pictures at our table for a romantic sunset and candlelight dinner

We had a first course of smoked salmon salad for my wife and a grilled vegetable salad for myself, and then a main course of baked red snapper for my wife and a vegetable strudel for myself.

The evening was turning out to be a perfect evening and we were really enjoying ourselves.... and then, the strong wind started, really really strong wind. And we were advised to go inside the restaurant. The howling wind and then heavy rain.

We had more champagne in the restaurant and had to finish of the birthday dinner with the dessert in the restaurant.

The final course - dessert of course.

We knew the wind was really strong because it was howling away and there was rain water even seeping in to the covered areas and into the restaurant blown by the wind. The coconut and palm trees were so bent over by the wind.

As rains in Malaysia go, this was all over in a few hours but the mayhem caused by it was surprising and a little shocking to see so many old trees fallen over. The next day when I went to work, I noticed quite a number of large trees had toppled all over Miri.

However, my wife had a nice birthday dinner, it was romantic, the food was great, the champagne even better, the service was superb and a little wind and storm could not spoil it for us, it toppled some old trees all over Miri but we still had a great time out and I look forward to spending many more birthdays with my lovely wife, my other half until we reach our ripe old ages.

When I hold your hand in mine
Different world wakes
A new morning breaks with the sun
When I hold your hand in mine
Children's dreams take flight
Through a star lit night
That’s what I see
When you’re next to me
This love for you I’m feeling
Has a power that is healing
It can mend the darkest hour
With glorious light

Take care and be well.

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