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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All good things are like Yin and Yang

Twenty years I have worked
In my career
Many bosses have come
And many have gone
Some bosses became friends
These were the wonderful ones
Some friends became bosses
These usually resulted in an end of a friendship
Some were truly great, compassionate and motivating
Some were absolutely insane, useless and demotivating
Some were kind and compassionate
Some were loud and rude
It is like all good things come to an end
or like the Yin and the Yang
But life is too short
To be hurt
by those bosses that were lousy
Here today, let's cherish the great ones.

Best boss I have had is also my best friend and I already wrote about Him a few days ago. Yes, God rules.

How about other bosses. Whom do I cherish and remember. Some have been task masters but they have been wonderful.

I guess if I go back to my first job as a resident assistant in Steiner Hall in University of Wisconsin, the boss was Steven. On the first year, he was a wonderful and caring boss. In the second year, I think things got to his head and he was a little too cocky and too certain and too dictatorial. He no longer did things out of passion but he did things out of ambition.

I also worked as a dishwasher, in the University food center. I do not remember my boss, I believe his name was John. He was such a nice and compassionate person who would take opportunity to teach me how to make burgers and man the cashier when things were slow on the dish washing front. He knew it was hot and humid washing the dishes and totally demotivating and demeaning for a senior to do.

When I returned, my first job was a journalist in the Star. VK Chin was the news editor and I was in his area. He was a nice quiet boss with many many years of experience. He would give assignments that were sometimes mundane and sometimes damn interesting. Really liked to work for him and gained a lot of experience. There were other seniors around, of which I remember but a few. Some were genuinely nice and some were just a bunch of asses to fill of themselves.

As I said, I will not write about bosses I did not quite like or worked well with. But working as a coolie was amongst the worst jobs I have done.

I soon joined The Sun. Aziz was the news editor and he was a nice man who gave us all wonderful challenges. Those were the days when The Sun just started and young journalist like me had the opportunity to cover major news stories. Unfortunately, due to some bad politics, this changed and news editor became Robert Ho. Let's not even talk about him.

Left The Sun for Texas Instruments. Worked in a wonderful department with Mohan. He was amongst the better bosses I have had but he left like six months after I had joined. Sarjit took over and was quite a good boss but the department soon closed down. And with the closure of the department, unfortunately, that ended my luck with bosses in that company. It felt like six years of hard work just down the drain.

But I soon joined Com-Line and while the big boss, PK, a family friend was wonderful, my immediate boss Joy ... let's not even go there. Nevertheless, it was wonderful and fun times working with the company while it lasted. Many changes and many issues later, I went and started something on my own.

I was my own boss, and realised I was not a really good my own boss. So I had to get back into the working line where PK got me a project in BAT.

Tang, Paul and Safuan were my bosses in different ways for the project and they are all wonderful wonderful people. Paul is amongst my friends now and while Tang and Safuan have lost contact, I know they are doing well.

Next came DHL and for a few years, I had the best boss ever in my career. Julie was a really good boss that I still keep in touch with and would work for her anytime. She unfortunately left to the business side of things and unfortunately left us with Mr A Pok and AN.

Left DHL for the place I work for now. It is too near and too close. But I have had some wonderful bosses who have been wonderful friends. From Sarawak to Netherlands, just nice people, good kind hearted people, task masters but they teach you the tools of the trade and then set the high expectations. What can I say?

Is it really that all good things come to an end? Sure seems to be this cycle. This Yin and Yang, of good and evil, God and Devil.

I am sure not all the time was I the perfect employee. I am not a perfect human being, my life has its trials and tribulation but the soul of I is divine and to reach that divinity, I just say .... "I am sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you."

And this can change. Even in the Yin and Yang, even in darkness, there is light. So, need to attune the soul of I to look at the brightness and the light during the darkness. There is always light, there is always good. After all, even in the Garden of Eden there is the bad, I am certain, in in worse scenarios, there is also light.

So no matter how things are in my surrounding, I take this vow, for the peace of the soul that is I, I shall always look for the light, the white light of God, the gold light of my guardian, the rainbow lights of the angels above .... there will always be the light shining for me, Always.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

With the Divine's guidance lets keep Mr. Ego out of the way so that Mr./Ms./Mdm. Wisdom can come streaming through us...for our own benefit and the highest good as well as to those around us..

p.s. The above applies for both employer/boss & employee.

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