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Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Mikki, you're so fine

Oh Mickey, you're so fine
You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey
Oh Mickey, you're so fine
You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey
Oh Mickey, you're so fine
You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey...
Hey Mickey
You've been around all night and that's a little long
You think you've got the right but I think you've got it wrong
Why can't we say goodnight? So you can take me home, Mickey
Cause when you say you will, it always means you won't
You're givin' me the chills, baby, please baby don't
Every night you still leave me all alone, Mickey
Oh Mickey, what a pity, you don't understand
You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand
Oh Mickey, you're so pretty, can't you understand
It's gals like you, Mickey
Ooh what you do Mickey, do Mickey
Don't break my heart, Mickey
Hey Mickey
Now when you take me by the... who's... ever gonna know
Every time you move I let a little more show
There's something you can use, so don't say no, Mickey
So come on and give it to me anyway you can
Anyway you want to do it, I'll take it like a man
Oh please baby, please don't leave me in this jam Mickey
~ Tony Basil

The song Hey Mickey is considered the 1st punk rock song ever and now is classified as a new age song. It was a song that came out first in 1979 when I was 10 and then again popularised in 1982 when I was 13.

Mikki was someone I knew a long time ago. Mikki-san is the only Japanese girl that I remember, the only Japanese girl I consider a friend.

I met Mikki likely in 1990, in Kansas. She was staying in the same house as my brother and at that time his girlfriend. That did not last and the last that I know is that she was back in Japan.

Considering the turmoil in Japan now, my thoughts and my memories bring back to this sweet wonderful person that I knew and I wonder if she and her family are safe wherever they may be. My prayers and love go out to her and her family.

As I started cracking my mind to all the Japanese friends or people I have met, I realise there are but a few.

Apart from Mikki, there were these 2 teachers that wifey and I met on our 1st trip to Bali. They were very nice and we kept in touch for a while. My thoughts, love and prayers go out to them too.

Then there was Naka-san whom I met while doing a project in Sanden. I hope he and his family are doing well too. My thoughts, love and prayer go out to him and his family.

Then I just realised that my host mum in Steven's Point is half Japanese, her mother has long passed but she has relatives in Japan. And while I do not know them personally, my thoughts, love and prayer go out to them too.

And I know foreigners currently in Japan, like a teacher Weighed, my thoughts, love and prayers go out to him and his other teachers.

While I am at this, I find the cartoon in Berita Harian yesterday rather distasteful and disrespectful. Trying to be humorous at the wrong time.

I will not paste it here but basically it was a cartoon of the tsunami coming in towards land with cars and buildings and a cartoon of Ultraman running away from the tsunami. Utterly distasteful and idiotic.

The Star on the other hand at least put out a tasteful cartoon with the Japanese flag at half mast and the words "Our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in Japan."

The earthquake has been upgraded to 9.0 on Richter. A lot of damage from the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan. In every situation like this, clean drinking water and safe refuge becomes priority.

The Japanese have the resolve and faith to rebuild and so they will.

But until then, my thoughts and prayers too to everyone involved in this natural disaster but also my love, my infinite love to everyone there that is going through this tough time.

Take care and be well.

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