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Friday, March 11, 2011

R.A.H.M.A.N. - prophecy fulfilled; now what?

In my life, I have met each of the 6 Prime Minister's of Malaysia.

Not just said hello, shake their hands or waved at them. But actually met, interviewed, talked with them.

I know I am writing about friends and pets this month, but that is how politicians are, they are like friends and pets when they need you but they are a nuisance most of the time.

In Malaysia, there has long time been a prophecy that the first 6 Malaysian premiers will be named based on the alphabets of the first prime minister.

Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Then we had Abdul Razak.

Followed by Hussein Onn.

Then of course the big old senile fella Mahathir.

We nearly had Anwar, but he literally f 'ed up and in came sleepy head Abdullah A Badawi.

Then now we have Najib, Abdul Razak's son.

Or do we, is the prophecy fulfilled?

Some say it is not RAHMAN but RAHMAR, because for the first time, we have a powerful first lady. You think Hillary was tough, Rosmah beats all the first ladies.

I wonder what the next prophecy will be. M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R. perhaps or R.O.S.M.A.H. maybe or maybe it is all just a myth.

Going back to my meeting with the premiers.

Tunku Abdul Rahman was a nice old retired man I met when I was younger. He was very fatherly and he spoke very kindly. He like his pipe and he liked to write.

Abdul Razak, I met as a little boy. He was ... I cannot remember much.

Hussein Onn was charming of a man. He was kind and he was fair.

Mahathir is the father of modern Malaysia. Every good thing i.e. development and every bad thing i.e. corruption and bad education system you see in this country started during his time. But he was really a fun person,his quips and sarcastic one liners to journalist will always have us laughing.

He even quipped one day that my tie was too bright for the Parliament that it was blinding him but more so it was blinding the opposition MP's.

Abdullah I met before he was prime minister. He was a nice guy when I went to his hometown. He made us drinks as his wife was either in prayers or out. I am talking about Endon, not the new one.

But somehow, when he became PM, I started hearing a lot of bad things about him. I am not sure what happened but when a wife dies, it inevitably changes a man significantly.

Najib I met many times as Defense Minister. Always was well dressed, well spoken, smiling.

I am sure each one of them have their wonderful qualities as a person, as a father, as a husband and most of them being politicians have their bad qualities.

In USA, they think their politicians are all high and mighty, but many of them are also corrupt, not loyal and some even have affairs with interns and their children's nannies.

So, today, I will not judge any of our prime ministers that I have met.

But just plead with the current one.

Please come down to the ground, please go to a supermarket and see how much prices of things have gone up, please see how people are juggling debts to feed their families, please see how some are juggling a few jobs.

Yes there are lazy people out there. Yes there are the filthy rich that do not give a damn. But most of us, middle class hard working Malaysians are struggling and our struggles are not getting any easier.

You force the papers to write a story of bumper increments and bumper bonuses. Even I working in a top MNC in Malaysia is getting 3% increment, not the 20% mentioned in the papers. Not the 6-8 month bonuses mentioned in the papers.

Expenses have gone up 20-30%, including petrol prices, but our salaries have not.

Our standard of living is dropping, how do we become a knowledge based economy that is better paid?

Come to my level, come to the level of the poor. Do not keep giving handouts to the poor, teach them to do something.

Come down to our level before it is too late.

Cause when we can no longer afford to feed ourselves and our families with the income we earn, this is when a revolution starts.

And I have been in Malaysia, my home for far too long to see it go the way Egypt and Libya have gone.

Come down and really help us, true Malaysians.

But you know what? Even if you do not  come down and help me, it is fine. Because God will help me and already is. I just continue to give infinite love and gratitude and the power of infinite love and gratitude towards all will help me.

I am sorry and please forgive me if I have inadvertently insulted anyone above. I love you all. Thank you.

Take care and be well.

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