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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping soundly forever

One day gone, life's not the same without you.
We can all be strong.
But strength can't bring back the one's we've lost.
Holding on, moments will last
always inside of our hearts
But what good are hearts when
their beats have stopped?
My friend it hurts that you're gone.
You should still be here.
The world knows it wasn't your time.
We know you're needed here with us.
It's so hard moving on.
We wake up everyday without a friend,
knowing it wasn't his time.
Passing on
We know that you're looking out for us all.
Still, so hard to believe that you're not with us.
You can't bring back the ones you've lost.
You can't bring back the ones you've lost.
You belong down here smiling wide.
You know you're needed here with us.
~ The Sleeping by Heart Beatz

Over the years, many friends have left, sleeping forever, souls living eternity, body long gone limp, heart beats stopped.

I did not have the time and chance to blog over the weekend as I was busy in a class that I was taking.

My usual routine lately in the morning is when I get up and on the royal seat, I will normally go through Facebook and news on my iPhone.

On Saturday, I had commented on my friends status. My friend, a journalist I know since the time I worked in the Star had written in his Facebook that he had to write various letters to his two sons school to explain why his son should be allowed to keep facial hair and wear a bangle to school as a Sikh.

To my shock this morning when I read in Facebook this very same friend had passed away last night of a heart attack.

Dharmendar Singh and I worked together when we were in The Star. He was always a fun and jovial person with laughter and smiles always on his face. He was such a joy to be with. Over the years, we lost contact and reconnected through Facebook.

I had come to realise some years back that my wife also knew him and his wife from University days.

He will be sorely missed. He was close to his 43rd birthday, barely 1 year older than me. He leaves behind 3 children and a wife.

I have lost many friends to miscommunication, some stupid argument but it is always most difficult to loose a friend or a loved one through death.

However, the soul that is I have just come to realise that the soul is immortal and Dharmendar's soul is well alive and having the smile and laughter always.

Last year, wifey and I lost a dear friend of ours in South Africa. Julie died of cancer and it has been just a few days over a year and we still remember her fondly. Her soul too is alive and filled with laughter and smiling down upon us. She left behind a loving husband and 5 little ones (all doggies that loved her dearly).
My mother's soul too I feel with me and I know there is a certain wish of hers that needs to be fulfilled.

Many friends have passed over the years. I remember when I was in USA, I heard a close friend from school days, Bapu Subramaniam, had drowned off the coast of Vancouver and it had a sad impact on me at that time. Just a year or two ago, his dad, a prominent lawyer in Penang had been stabbed to death.

When I returned from USA, I managed to spend some wonderful time with my mother before she died peacefully in her sleep. But now I have come to some realisation maybe it is not so peaceful after all as her soul needs to pass a message to me. My mother left behind many things and people.

Interesting how life is. The soul that is I is eternal, the body that is I is not, it lives a finite time and it then sleeps soundly forever. We all in our bodily forms will disappear, but our souls will live on, with memories of different lives embedded into them. Forever these memories that the soul have had will remain. Sometimes the bad memories remain, mostly the good.

I am a soul, a divinity close to the divinity of God and to that of other divine souls. As such, while I feel the loss and the sadness and grief the loss of loved ones and close ones, I know that I am still connected to their divine in a pure way.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

DS was a good chap..talking to him or just listening to him is always in somewhat 'animation form'...funny, always jovial and fun to be with.....some of his one liners are so cracking funny that many a times I almost fell of my chair laughing my heart out by just listening to it....I am truly saddened with the passing of DS. May God bless and may his soul rest in peace. Also my prayers go to his wifey and 3 young kids.

Seattle Real Estate said...

i'm sorry for your lost, i love your poem, let me read all you post and read all you poem.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Anyone who has been touched by death has been moved by your words. This week was my birthday and I thought often of my twin brother that has been gone two years ago now. I miss my parents after their passings as well as friends, just as you and others have lost too. i know they live forever in my heart and that their spirits are joyful.

But there is something that saddens me . . . when people here on earth are judgemental, cruel, and hateful to others. It is so easy to be caring, to show a gesture of kindness and a willingness to understand.

I pray that those I speak of have a turning in their hearts for forgiveness, understanding, love and peace.