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Monday, February 1, 2010

Eternal, perpetual, immortal

I thought coming back to Miri in the early morning flight after leaving Al E and wifey would have been like any other trip ... but I was wrong.

Apart from the delay in the flight, it was rather uneventful and the meal was rather bland. I was missing Al E and wifey but I was managing it quite well.

Due to the delay, I decided I would head back home, freshen up and work from home due to my evening calls today.

As I reversed the car into the Luak Bay beach house, and took my bags to head up to the house ...

I saw this coconut at the bottom of the stairs. It was the same coconut that I have been playing coconut football with Al E for the past few weeks. A coconut with his teeth marks and shreds on it.

Then I go up and see Al E's water mug, bone, toy, crate, basket, pillow, blanket and all the things that have made the Luak Bay beach house lively and fun ... but no Al E this time.

Al E had quite a interesting journey back to KL and will now be leaving in KL. He will need to get used to life in the city. Thankfully we have a large garden at the back of the house for him to play around.

Al E has surely made my life and I am certain wifey's life in Miri a lot of fun.

Soon, I will be moving back to KL as well. I was hoping it was by now but the HR processes have been taking longer than expected during this huge transition. So, hopefully within the month or so, I will have a chance to move back but we will see.

Being in the Miri home without anyone is like the past before we got Al E. I guess it will be a quiet few weeks. A lot of organization and packing to be done. A lot of change will happen in the next few weeks.

But change we must and change we will.

After all, change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

In no time you will be back dear.