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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coco, my friend

Last month, when we would take Al E for a walk, among the places we would visit with Al E would be to Coco who was a lab mix female puppy that is growing up.

Coco lives a few doors down from where we live and is always kept in the open garden area without being taken for walks.

As such, our visits to her were pretty much the only friends she had.

Since Al E has moved to KL, I have never gone for a walk or visited Coco.

However, for one reason or another, I felt like she was calling out to me today and I needed to go visit her.

So off I went in the morning to visit Coco. What I saw literally left me in tears.

Coco came running to me and licking me all over as usual. What was different was that the garden was a mess, there was no water anywhere, the owners were away on CNY leave, there were some plastic bags of dry dog food which was just thrown on the ground but not opened and clearly not eaten.

Coco seemed and looked extremely hungry.

I was so shocked and emotionally overcome that I immediately went to a store to buy some canned dog food and some container to give her some water.

After going over to a friends place to borrow a hammer and have a light breakfast, I went back to visit Coco with some of the food I had bought for her.

Unfortunately, she was nowhere in sight. I could not see her. I even went at the back to see if she was there but could not see her.

I had no idea where she would have disappeared because there is nowhere she could have escaped to.

Somehow, around 5:45pm, I felt like I needed to go check on Coco again and again she was nowhere in sight.

Then as I was walking back home disappointed, suddenly I heard a sound and looked back and lo and behold, she was there.

I immediately went to her, gave her the can of dog food I bought for her which she finished off in mere seconds and gave her some water to drink.

She was licking me all over my hands and would have jumped over me and licked all over my face if I was on the same side of the fence.

While petting her, I spoke to her about how Al E had moved to KL, how he was doing well and meeting a lot of new friends and how the three of us (Al E, wifey and I) would always keep her in our prayers so that she will always do well.

This time as I was walking back to get her more water, I had tears of joy streaming down my face.

As I went back to her for another round of water, there came the owner and 2 sons. The owner thanked me for feeding the dog and in my mind I was thinking how cruel they were.

Coco is really quite a gorgeous dog with beautiful eyes that has been stuck in a house like this.

I have other friends who also leave their dogs in their house while they go away for weeks.

I guess that has been the faith/karma of these poor dogs.

This dogs are not street dogs and cannot survive on the street like other street dogs and being home dogs, they are unfortunately not well taken care off.

My sadness and anger this morning turned to something happy in the evening.

Coco genuinely looked so grateful and the licks and the way she said thank you was enough for me.

The time is always right to do what is right said Martin Luther King Jr.

Coco, my friend, you will always remain in our prayers.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Coco the lab-mix will always be in my prayers. Can you snap a photo of her using your D80 (please) for memory sake.