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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Kafka Metamorphosis

The home in Sarawak is now going through a Kafkaesque metamorphosis.

Slowly, he home that wifey built here is dissolving and being transformed into the dated beast that it was before.

In the sad story that Kafka wrote, Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed from a human into a monstrous vermin.

His appearance horrifies his family and supervisor; his supervisor flees while his family chases him back into his room. Grete attempts to care for her brother by providing him with milk and the stale, rotten food he now prefers.

Gregor remains a devoted and loving son, and takes to hiding beneath a sofa whenever someone enters his room in order to shield them from his vermin form.

No longer able to rely on Gregor's income, the other family members take on jobs and Grete's caretaking deteriorates.

One day, when Gregor emerges from his room, his father chases him around the dining room table and pelts him with apples. One of the apples becomes embedded in his back, causing an infection.

Due to his infection and his hunger, he is soon barely able to move at all.

Gregor retreats to his room and collapses, finally succumbing to his wound.

The point of view shifts as, upon discovery of his corpse, the family feels an enormous burden has been lifted from them, and start planning for the future again.

In the home here, we rented this home while I worked here.

The home came with dated furniture, rather old and unmaintained.

Slowly, wifey transformed it into a beautiful home with proper furniture, proper beds etc.

Even the room below was transformed into a nice guest room.

But now, with my move back to KL, it is slowly being metamorphosed back to its old look.

The metamorphosis has just begun. Al E's crate has been taken apart, the divider as well.

The potted plants have been thrown on the lawn and the pots emptied out except for the luck plant.

On Thursday, the loyal bookshelf was taken away and now the books lie on the floor where the crate was.

This morning the faithful and well used study table and 4 old dining chairs were removed and sent to a friend's house.

Soon, the movers will come and transform this place entirely.

What will remain of this house is the charm it had originally, the charm which it may lose eventually but something which remains for now.

The view of the beach, the sound of the waves, the sea breeze, the wonderful sunsets - all the main reasons for renting this place in the first place.

A home is always what you make of it. And wifey is really good at making a house into a home. I do no know if it is a women thing, but I know it is a wifey thing for sure.

As such, I can wait to be back in our KL home with wifey and belowed Al E.

Time will fly, I know for sure.
Cherish we must what we have.
The view, the waves, the breeze,
will always remain in memories.
Move I must with the sand of times.
Be home, finally home sweet home.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Ummm...sounds pretty sad and depressing. I am glad that when I get back, we will be staying in the hotel...Sigh!

The place was good while it lasted.