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Friday, January 29, 2010

So long Black Rajah of Borneo

Al E Baba, the Black Rajah of North Borneo will be saying goodbye to Miri and hello to West Malaysia.

Check it out in his blog Al E's blog.

Al E has been a very faithful and loving dog who has been full of life and fun in Miri. He has definitely touched many lives in Miri in the 20 months of his life in Sarawak. Of this, 18 months have been with us when we got him from Imperial Mall.

I will surely miss him for a month or so as he gets used to life in West Malaysia.

Al E is like my own child, he has been one little cheeky fella who has showered a lot of love to everyone he meets.

Who wouldn't love this adorable little fella?

Picture above taken about 3 days after I got him, he must have been about 2 months old.

 And this is the Black Rajah of North Borneo a few days ago.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Ser said...

Adorable young cheeky fella.

Handsome Rajah of Borneo...sometimes also a Maharaja especially when sleep time at night...needs an entourage to send him to bed.

Don't worry so much but I know you will miss him but he will be in good hands. In no time you will join us too.