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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How many churches need to burn?

How many churches need to be burnt down before the government and police takes action, not be NATO (no action talk only)?

How many cow heads need to be slaughtered?

How much is the Muslim religion(which is generally so tolerant) going to be smeared because of these religious zealots?

What will it take? A riot, a revolution or a change in administration?

1 Malaysia - what a farce.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Fully agree.

Ser said...

One more church got attacked today. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

AS many as to create a perceived crisi whereby BN ( Federal Gomen) will institute a state of emergency applicable for Selangor.

There after BN will control the state of Selangor.

Be on the watch out for burning/defacing/vandalising of Mosque/surau. This is to create an illusion of backlash and uncertainty..

The perpetrator of both sides are BN fellas who will be laughing all the way by making the muslims and Christian wary of each other.

The prize is the control of Selangor ..and Malaysia... for a short time.

Nil said...

Well leader has already said that he wants to take over Selangor, what better way than for Gomen to create a diversion like this, riling up racial disharmony. I think it is just a page of his father's diary. I wonder if the same slogans would be used as well, to balik kampung, tanam jagung, buka sarung, tembak burung :P