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Friday, January 15, 2010

Visit Malaysia NOW

This is already a little old but I have been wanting to write this.

I would like all tourists who still feel Malaysia is cheap, exotic and a nice place, to come and visit it now.

Quite some time back, friends of mine from Europe were surprised and how nice and cheap out hotels here were and they visited Malaysia twice.

But have no fear, our Minister of Tourism has a cure for this illness.

This illness of tourists finding Malaysia cheap and visiting over and over again must be stopped at once she said.

As such, on January 9, hoteliers were urged to review their room rates to more appropriate levels by Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen.

According to the news report, she said she had heard from some foreign tourists that they were shocked to see hotels with good service and facilities charging low rates.

“An interesting thing is that when tourists who want to visit our country look at the competitive hotel prices, they will think that the services cannot be that good,” she said in calling on the hotel industry to reconsider its pricing.

“We must not undervalue ourselves,” she told reporters after a Tourism Malaysia meeting with 13 state directors yesterday.

She said hotel operators could perhaps have international and local room rates.
Malaysians could get certain discounts by showing their MyKad, Dr Ng said.

She added that as long as hotels maintained their service, customers would keep coming back.

She said the ministry had no right to decide on hotel room rates, but it would write to the Malaysian Association of Hotels and other industry players on the matter.

Yet again, an out of box thinking by our wonderful and intelligent minister of tourism.

Let's raise our hotel rates so that tourists do not feel we are too cheap yah.

Maybe it is time for some of our other wonderful services to raise rates as well ... like have local and tourists price for taxi's, for restaurants, for GRO's, for karaoke rooms, for massages in our "wonderful" sauna's that always offer extra services etc etc.

We don't want those foreigners to think we are too cheap.

Sigh! This is one of the reasons I hated Egypt, the different rates for foreigners for each and everything including buying a bottle of water.

I told wifey at that time I fear that Malaysia is going in this direction.

I was hoping later when I am dead but with suggestions like above and the different petrol prices for foreigners including tourists who may rent cars, I fear it may come by sooner than later.

As such, Visit Malaysia NOW, and you have WON.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

You were so right dear and you mentioned about it 3 years ago...

macK said...

apasal kita suka sangat menyusahkan diri sendiri?

Nil said...

Kita semua memang 1Malaysia Boleh mah ... kita punya meteri menteri semua sangat bijak.

Ser said...

From the 'Boleh Land'..go firgure!

Anonymous said...

Aiyaaa... This is a part of 1Malaysia maaa...
every must have 2levels...One for common people and one for NOT common people..

We started long time ago...2 types of courts... Civil court..and syariah court..

Then we have titles like datuk, TanSri , Haji etc to differentiate people

We have also Bumiputra,.. non bumiputra..muslim non muslim...

Now petrol oso go same 2 level

Mati laa ini macammmm

Anonymous said...

Some addition...
1) The judiciary in Malaysia is differentiated by having the High Court of Malaya and High Court of Borneo

2) Now Sabah and Sarawak Allah is different from Allah in semenanjung which is also different from the Sikh Allah in the rest of the world which is also different from the rest of the Muslim world

3) dont forget... Malaysians are all not equal... malaysia entering Sarawak or want to work in Sarawak have to have entry permit and work permit- just like we are i a different country.. and that after Many many many many year of being in federation of Malaysia...

4) heck.. we cant even drive to Limbang ( which is a divison of Sarawak) from Sarwak itself.. and if you think that is crazy.. we cant even drive to Sabah without crossing a third country - Brunei TWICE.. even though we are on the same mainland...