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Monday, January 11, 2010

7 and counting

An Anglican church at the junction before I turn to go to work in Lutong was also a target for arsonists against the Allah row. Windows were damaged.

So 7 and counting. 4 churches in Klang Valley, 1 in Taiping, 1 in Melaka and now 1 in Miri.

There is this Kayan Christian guy from Long Atip who works in a similar company that I work in. His name is Allah Emang. Does he need to change his name or religion?

The word Allah precedes the religion Islam, and many more staunch Islamic countries including the largest Islamic country in the world (Indonesia) allows other religions in their countries to use the word Allah.

Yet here, a country that has been relatively peaceful, this has created such a big issue and created a national crisis.

People have blamed the leading party UMNO. People have blamed the leading party's newspaper Utusan. And people have blamed the police cannot even provide protection.

There is an agenda from the people that are doing it. The agenda may not be clear right now, but it is the agenda of crooks.

All the Malay friends I know have no issue with this Allah issue.

So, bear in mind this is not a Malay race issue or a Malaysian Muslim issue, because only a few over-excited zealots are being used by the masterminds of this attacks.

Remember what consolidated the stupid predecessor USA president's power? 9/11, without it, Bush would have been kicked out after 1 term. But 9/11 made him strong, allowed him to make money off the 2 wars that USA started.

So, what is the agenda of the Malaysian masterminds behind this?

I hope to continue living in a peaceful multi-racial country that I grew up in. Will I still have the opportunity to do so?

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

I am wondering too.........sigh!

Ser said...

8th attack today. A church in Seremban but I guess you already know by now.