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Monday, January 18, 2010

Job Posting: Highly rewarding job

A typical job posting in the next generation 1Malaysia newspaper.

Wanted Urgently.
Highly rewarding jobs, earn millions.
No experience required.
Actually no need education also can.
No IQ or no brains, no problem boleh apply.
We have at least 30 senior positions and 30 plus junior level positions.
You will be free to say what you want at anytime.
If you are like the Malay fella in the video below representing the Malay majority, you are the perfect candidate.

We also sympathise that many circuses around the world like The Ringling Brothers and Baileys Circus are running out of spectators and therefore many clowns are being laid off. YOU SHOULD APPLY!

Other clowns around the world who have become unpopular and scary thanks to Stephen King's scary movies about clowns, YOU SHOULD ALSO APPLY!!

All Clowns will be gauranteed a final interview.

We are developing a new concept (actually we copying from China a bit) called 1 Malaysia.

1 Malaysia, but 2 systems - like China with Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Job Title: Menteri (Minister) or Timbalan Menteri (Deputy Minister).

Apply here

Take care and be well.

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