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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back to Miri

I actually feel a little jet lagged coming to Miri this time.

Must have been the late night packing and yet forgetting to bring things.

Early flight on Air Asia, there is one flight you can generally count on to be on time, the early morning Air Asia flight from KL to anywhere is usually not late because the plane is already parked there and not coming from somewhere.

Had a sandwich and ribena before boarding. Then supposed to have vegetarian fried rice on board but they gave me vegetarian sze chuan rice which was not as tasty as the fried rice provided last year.

Then Mack and Kupps came and pick me up, so we went to Ipohtown for some breakfast, come back and enjoyed a movie in the beach pad.

Likely the last time Mack will have the chance to be in the beach pad before my move back to KL.

Then after movie, they left.

But Uding dropped by to play with Al E and send me my car keys before going off to play tennis with a hopeful/potential guy .... hmmm.

Not much to cook at home - between instant noddles and bangers and mash - so I went the English option.

Slept a little, got up and slept again.

Still tired on a Sunday morning but now seem to be recovering from "jet lag".

Tomorrow, back to work. Since no handshake yet, do I do my new role or my old role? I guess I just start handing over and closing off things.

Take care and be well.

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