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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jin or Genie

I am sick and tired of writing about politics. Makes me sick to my stomach, disgusted and bored of it.

Todays topic is about Jin's or Genie.

I was informed by a Malay friend that there is a Muslim Jin.

What is a Muslim Jin? Someone that can read Quran? Can a Muslim Jin use the word Allah?

Anyway, what is the favorite drink of a Muslim Jin?
Ginger Beer

What is favorite drink of non-Muslim Jin?
Gin and Tonic

What is the favorite game of a Jin?
Gin Rummy

What is the favorite cooking spice of a Jin?
Jintan Manis

What is the favorite car of a Jin?
Gen 2

What is the favorite gambling area?
Gen ting

If Jin buy shares, what shares will they buy?
Gindalbie Metals

What type of orange drink the Jin likes the most?

What is Jin's best friend (same as man's best friend)?

In Gilligan's Island, what was the Jin's name?

A Jin's favorite song?
Jingle Bells

A native Jin is known as?

When a Jin gets old, he is?

When a Jin recognises you, he is?

A Jin's favorite vegetable?

Jin got teeth problem because of?

When Jin want to send you some information, they will be?

When Jin jump into the pool?

People believe Jin's exsist because they are?

Most moving vehicles you drive have a Jin's famous invention which is?

A jin who acted to be human?
Jins Shamsuddin

And last but not least

What do Muslim Jin's get in heaven?
99 Virgins

I would like to apologise for any Jin's or Genie's who may be insulted by this blog. But in all honesty, I think you likely have a better sense of humor than we humans do.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

why are jins naughty?
- it's genetic -

Nil said...

most jin doctors specialize in 2 fields only which are?
geneology and gynocology

Anonymous said...

how do you punish a jin...

Anonymous said...

Apa cerita yang jin suka..?
jenaka punya cerita laaa...

Anonymous said...

Apa you panggil jin yang suka simpan duit...?

Ser said...

The most funny and hilarious blog of yours (of all times)....

Mack - you funny too.

Datuk - you are funny too.

I laughed out loud rolling on the floor.

Nil said...

A Jin's favorite rock song?
Ginny's got a gun

What similarities between Jin, Malaysian Indian and Orang Asli?
They are all marginalised.

How do Jin keep fit?
They go to gym.

What do they normally wear?

Both Pak Lah and Harry Potter also got Jin?
Jeanne Abdullah (his 2nd wife) and Ginny(his girlfriend)

All Chinese Jin's come from?
Tian Jin

All American Jin's come from?

All Jin's drive what car?

And the smoke?
Virginia Slims

Morroccon Jin's like to eat?

Syaharudin said...

What is Jin's favorite accomodation in Miri?
Jinhold Apartment